I Burrini in corteccia
This butter preservation method was used by the transhumant shepherds of the South of Italy
and can be considered as the precursor of the
vacuum packing. Butter produced in the spring
and in summer was lined in order to keep it unaltered.


Type: Milk, rennet, salt, butter.

Nutrizional parameters:

Parametro Medium value for 100
grams of product
Protein 0,85
Lipides -
Water 17,94
Minerales Da 11 a 24

Commerce parameters:

External aspect Round-shaped
Weight 0,22 oz / 1,102 (lb)
Color White
Consistence Soft
Odour Characteristic
Flavour Sweet
Product data sheet
I Burrini in corteccia
I Burrini in corteccia
Burrini appetizer with bread and tomatoes