Il Caciocavallo di Montella
This product amazingly combines tradition and nature. The goodness of the pasturages and the ability
of the dairyman guarantee an excellent and
hardly-to-imitate quality.


Type: Milk, goat rennet, salt.

Nutrizional parameters:

Parameter Medium value for 100
grams of product
Protein 35
Lipides 25
Water 40

Commerce parameters:

External aspect Egg-shaped with stroke
at the head
Weight 5,5116 lb
Color Yellowish iron ore
Consistence Soft if fresh
hard if seasoned
Odour Characteristic
Flavour Sweet in the fresh products, spicy in the seasoned products
Product data sheet
Il Caciocavallo di Montella
Il Caciocavallo di Montella
Caciocavallo melted spread on bread