Gli Involtini al prosciutto
So delicious thought and materialized by
somebody who is interested in “real” food,
with the awareness that consumer’s satisfaction
is the best recognition of his own proficiency
and experience.


Type: Milk, rennet, salt.

Nutrizional parameters:

Parameter Medium value for 100
grams of product
Protein 20,3
Lipides 21,7
Water 7,2
Minerales Da 5,4 a 10,5

Commerce parameters:

External aspect Cylindrical-shaped
Weight 14,11 oz / 2,205 (lb)
Color White
Consistence Soft
Odour Characteristic
Flavour Sweet
Product data sheet
Gli Involtini al prosciutto
Gli Involtini al prosciutto
Appetizer with prosciutto
and asparagus roulade