La Scamorza
Spun pasta cheese destined to fresh consumption
that represents a variant of “caciocavallo”, from
which it is different because of its reduced size
and its minor salting. Sweet-tasting, it can be cut
into slices and used to prepare typical dishes.


Type: Milk, rennet, salt.

Nutrizional parameters:

Parameter Medium value for 100
grams of product
Protein 22,7
Lipides 10,1
Water 58,7

Commerce parameters:

External aspect Varied-shaped
with stroke
Weight 3,5 oz / 13,3 oz / 17,6 oz
Color White (if fresh)
yellow (if curt)
Consistence Soft
Odour Characteristic
Flavour Sweet
Product data sheet
La Scamorza
La Scamorza
Scamorza grilled with mushrooms
and truffles